Thursday, May 25, 2006


Do you ever feel like you're in a HUGE quandary, your mind is whirring with activity, multiple backround processes, dilemma, everything at once... but you can't quite put your finger on what it is that is causing all that drama?
I am currently in that position. My head is a battle field.... except that I don't know who is fighting and over what!


Friday, May 12, 2006

Is anything Black? Is anything white?

Are we living in a grey world? Does the conflict of black and white only exist in books, fairytales and movies? Do we really live in a world where everyone is grey?

But I wouldn't have it any other way.....

I like books and movies that reach conclusions... not necessarily happy endings... Things have a way of settling down.... however, entropy is always increasing.... chaos in the mind is ever inreasing.........

None of us are saints..... heck.... even the Gods have their eccentricities...
Did you know that the story goes that Lord Shiva was a rebel in his time.... the bad boy.... equivalent of the biker boy. Parvati's father was dead against this union....

That's why we have multidimensional personalities.... don't strive to sort yourself all the time... get with the chaos!!! Strive to be complex... strive to have it all... strive to do it all... strive to LIVE.......!! Strive to do the best... not necessarily be "good"!!

I hate the question, "Can you describe yourself in one word?".... What the hell does that mean? No I can't describe myself in one word..... Complexities are what make us interesting... intriguing!! Stagnating is for wimps!!!

Alright.... this is such a random trail of thoughts....... kind of apt for the point this post is trying to make!!

OH btw... I'm back in Bombay... watch out.... this time I'm returning to the city I have come to LOVE.... not like the last time I moved in here in 2002 when I hated it!!


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Deceived by the Clown Inside of me...........

Each of us potrays a certain self and the way we are perceived by others is a function of that 'self' and their interpretation of that self.

I know I'm a certain way and people believe me to be someone....... but when something natural to me is 'assumed' by someone I go do exactly the opposite. I may have planned to do something anyways but if I'm told to do it I won't do it. Does that make me a rebel at heart? Or just plain disobediant!!??

Go see Syriana everyone.... brilliant film!


Monday, February 27, 2006

Weirdest thing.......

The 'Movies' post is not my first this year. I made a comeback a week ago and that post has gone missing into cyberspace!!

My post has been kidnapped!!!!! HALP!! Yeh sab kya ho raha hain cyberspace... yahaan par bhi gunde!!

This is something that every blogger must read. It appeared in an article about multitasking (most of the writers were not in favor of the phenomenon!) in the TIME magazine. These are some new words... cos the current English vocabulary cannot handle the woes of "new age".

screen sucking - wasting time online long after you have finished what you signed on to do.

frazzing - frantic, innefective multitasking, typically with the dellusion that you are getting a lot done. The quality of the work, however, is poor.

pizzled - how you feel when someone you're with pulls out their cell phone or BlackBerry and uses it without an explanation or apology. A cross between pissed off and puzzled.

doomdart - the internal distraction of a forgotten task that pops into your mind when you are doing something else. A side effect of frazzing.

I am a compulsive screen sucker and I frazz a WHOLE LOT!

Which one do you identify most with?


Movies......... the good things in life

Alright so it's true I'm a movie junkie. My involuntary sabbatical has given me an opportunity to catch up on movies so here are some suggestions for those of you who work and don't have the time to see everything that makes the big screen or DVD!!

Must WATCH.. must must must
1. Brokeback Mountain (Watch this movie even if you're a bigot...)
2. Rang de Basanti (Watch this movie if you have an Indian bone in your body)

My reccommendations
1. Taxi no. 9211 (also see Bluffmaster.... this because I love thie new genre that Rohan Sippy has introduced... it's fresh... for everyone who has loved Bombay)
2. Kalyug (brave film.... a little dramatic at times but.... exellent new and some rediscovered talent)
3. In Her Shoes (anybody who has a sibling who sometimes drives you up the wall must see this movie)

More later later


Friday, January 21, 2005

Holding on...

We want some things to last forever... is it too much to ask for? I think not. 'Cos it 'ain't over till it's over'. And 'over' is a strong word. Feelings, situations, people, relationships, thoughts seem to come and go... but they never really go away altogher. They leave something ... a little bit of a souvenir. A little bit of themselves becomes a little bit of us.

I'm selfish... mostly. I like to keep the good 'bits' and do away with the bad bits. I'm not a character from "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" so I don't have this liberty. But i let the bad bits go to the back burner and let then rot and become covered with dust. It's tough cos it's the good bits that whither..... hold on to them. They need TLC.

How many times are we plagued by the thought of losing something we like. It's not just a passing thought now is it? Sometimes you got to "let go" of "holding on"!

PS> I've added some color to this blog don't hate me if the colors totally clash ok?!


Sunday, December 12, 2004

New Beginnings....

Every once in a while we reach a time in life which marks a *beginning*. How does onedeal with it. There's types of people I guess. Everyone has to face the clash of the titans : "Apprehension" and "Excitement". In me "apprehension" is a complete LOSER cos excitement is a REALLY strong candidate. Though I'm aware that Apprehension is a big winner with some sooo.....

To make things easier for you (the battlefield) root big time for Excitement, cos he's your guy to keep it clean and neat. Apprehension's a real game spoiler (kinda like Bu.Sh. mindlessly violent). Give your star player all the flower power and all the muscle power you can afford. Here's a few of Apprehension's tactics that you should be aware of

  • Tummy knots.... fight them with a few jumps
  • Nervous tingles.... immediately change the topic for a bit. Distract yourself!
  • Sweat ... Lifebuoy Sabun! hehehehehehehe
  • Speechlessness... break into song.... "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" sung out of tune and loudly does the trick real quick

Thumb's up and raring to go! Here's a nice cheer ditty

"Standing on a Bandstand

Beating on a tin can

Who can... we can

Yaaay yaaay Excitement can"

PS> What a weird post.... but it's kind of for someone, but read it again anyways maybe you'll get it.


Saturday, December 04, 2004


Ever get the feeling that you're in a flood and drifting along is just not an option. You need to struggle to keep those six inches from the top of your head to your nostrils above water while you're pushed forcefully downstream. The ones who swim swift strong strokes turn up as winners. Some fools try and swim upstream and meet their "waterloo" (sidey pun completely intended), a few of those idiots succeed and become heroes! Most of us are just trying stay afloat... lemmee say here for all those trying to stay afloat it's not the worst thing infact.... I think it deserves a fair applause.


There' s a general trend I follow in blogging.... few days of enthusiasm followed by long stretches of SILENCE! However, my nedstat tells me that people from all corners of the world tend to stumble upon this lost corner of webworld every once in a while, which means I should take an occasional interest in writing something up.

OH haaan, I just read Ketaki's blog (my inspiration and I feel like a little music nostalgia myself. I remember the days before "dual tape recorders" when we used to put tape recorders face to face and record songs. Trying very hard to keep the room quiet and there'd be an occasioal scream in the backdrop of your favorite song! HEHEHE!

Who remembers WHAM! Who remembers Madonna and Holliday? Every once in a while you hear a hum which sounds an awful lot like "I just died in your arms tonight"..... you can't help smiling! Oh and.... Salt 'n' Peppa.... WHATTA MAN! MC Hammer... "Can't touch this!" Kids who grew up in the 80's and early 90s will always be haunted by an array of childhood photographs plagued with bad fashion trends, but who cares, atleast it was a simpler time and there were no musicians called "DJ DOLL"..... Save this coming generation LORD!!

Also, I'm in the middle of applications to american universities for PhD programs. I must say ever since Bu.Sh. was relected I've lost some of my enthusiasm. What have you done... Dudes? What have you done? When will you ever learn?

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